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Reproductive efficiency in cattle continues to decline. One thing remains the same; good heat detection has a direct positive effect on the success of your reproductive program.

What are your options to obtain
good reproductive efficiency?

  • Expensive pedometer systems?
  • Shots, Shots, and More Shots?
  • Assign your best cow person to hours and hours of visual heat detection?
  • Expensive single use and individual cow detection aids?
  • Tail marking products that make you scratch your head unless she stands like a statue and rubs her rump raw?
  • Tired of messy livestock markers?
  • Does your product frequently get licked off?

Now you have a choice.

Detect-Her or Not!

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Detect-Her tailpaint is by far the easiest tail-marking product to interpret.

When a cow is in heat, Detect-Her is much more easily removed making interpretation of standing heat more straightforward and accurate. Detect-Her was designed to take the guesswork out of tail marking. Adding the Detect-Her whole herd program can:

  • Raise Heat Detection Rates
  • Lower Drug Costs
  • Save in Labor Costs
  • Available in six colors: Pink,
    Red, Yellow, Blue,
    Mint Green, Orange

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New Inverted Nozzle

Detect Her Spray - Heifer in Heat

Detect Her Spray

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Upright nozzle

NEW! Inverted nozzle can be used with cap or cap removed