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Why Detect-Her Brush-On Was Developed
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Heifer Breeding With Detect-Her Brush-On
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Why Use Detect-Her Brush-On?

Detect-Her tailpaint is by far the easiest tail-marking product to interpret. Bitterguard™ has been added to deter licking.

When a cow is in heat, Detect-Her is much more easily removed making interpretation of standing heat more straightforward and accurate. Detect-Her was designed to take the guesswork out of tail marking. It was specifically designed to make the daily walk-through easy and accurate. Adding the Detect-Her whole herd program can:

  • Raise Heat Detection Rates- by using Detect-Her you can raise heat detection rates and increase heat detection accuracy.

  • Lower Drug Cost- when implemented along with a visual/ovsync program or an ovsync program, you can decrease the amount of cows inseminated from time breedings and greatly increase palpation rates.

  • Labor Savings- in most cases a good walk-through can take only minutes per hundred cows. Catching natural standing heats can drastically reduce the amount of time spent administrating, sorting, finding and giving shots needed to time breed.

  • Painting cows with different colors in each pen can have a dual effect. No longer are cows lost in another pen or hard to re-sort when mixed by mistake.

    Detect-Her Bottles in a variety of colors.

  • Lower Semen Costs-by accurately identifying cows in standing heat you can feel confident you are inseminating a cow from a known standing heat. This will increase conception rates and lower your semen dollars spent.

  • Use Better Bulls- because you are breeding cattle from a known standing heat and raising conception rates, you can be confident when using more expensive semen and increase your herd’s genetic level.

  • Calmer and People Friendly Cows- By walking and touching the cows during a daily walk through, your cattle will become much better to work with and less spooked. Fewer shots= Happier cows.

  • Specially formulated for the U.S. confined dairy situation.

  • Can make the most inexperienced person a highly effective heat detector and the experts even better.

  • Detect-Her will rub off with several mounts making interpretation of standing heat easy.

  • Can be re-applied as often as needed to maintain visibility yet still rubs off easily.

  • Works excellent on short or longhaired cattle.

  • Thicker than other paints allowing for a more controlled application with less waste.

  • Detect-Her Tail Paint with BITTERGUARD™ deters licking.

  • Pocket size 12 oz. Applicator bottle with brush cap makes application easy.

  • Non-Hazardous water-base paint is safe.


Detect-Her LogoDetect-Her

Why Detect-Her
was Developed

Detect-Her is a new tail paint especially designed for use in estrous detection.

Heifers marked with Detect-Her

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development information

Heifer Breeding
with Detect-Her

Are your heifers getting pregnant when you want with minimal cost and effort?

If not, then you need to try the Detect-Her system.

If you have a pen of heifers and headlocks, then Detect-Her is for you. By locking up once a day and painting with Detect-Her, you can obtain excellent breeding with only minutes a day.

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How to use
Detect-Her Tail Paint

Apply a uniform strip the width of the applicator brush, about six to eight inches on the top of the spine.

It’s very important to keep the mark as narrow as the brush cap and on the top of the hard part of the spine only. This will allow for a much higher percentage of removal when the cow stands making interpretation much easier.

The product works better and is more interpretable once several coats and a buildup is obtained.

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on using Detect-Her Tail Paint