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Why Use Detect-Her Brush-On

Why Detect-Her Brush-On Was Developed
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Heifer Breeding With Detect-Her Brush-On
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Heifer Breeding
with Detect-Her Brush-On

Are your heifers getting pregnant when you want with minimal cost and effort?

If not, then you need to try the Detect-Her system.

If you have a pen of heifers and headlocks, then Detect-Her is for you. By locking up once a day and painting with Detect-Her, you can obtain excellent breeding with only minutes a day.

Other things to consider:

  • If you have tried livestock markers and licking was a problem, give Detect-Her a try. In most cases, after several days licking will slow down or stop, and you can be highly accurate.


  • Works with heifers in confined housing on concrete where other products won't.

Heifers marked with Detect-Her.

  • Lower your drug costs.
  • More efficient uses of synchronization.
  • Catch more standing heats.



Detect-Her LogoLong haired heifer on slippery concrete in heat and all paint removed.

Long haired heifer on slippery concrete in heat and all paint removed.

Why Use Detect-Her Brush-On?

Detect-Her tailpaint is by far the easiest tail-marking product to interpret.

Detect-Her Bottles

Adding the Detect-Her whole herd program can:

  • Raise Heat Detection Rates
  • Lower Drug Costs
  • Save in Labor Costs

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Why Detect-Her Brush-On Was Developed

Detect-Her is a new tail paint especially designed for use in estrous detection.

Heifers marked with Detect-Her.

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