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Why Detect-Her Brush-On Was Developed
How to Use Detect-Her Brush-On
Heifer Breeding With Detect-Her Brush-On
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Como usar la pintura de cola Detect-Her
Porque usar Detect-Her

How to use
Detect-Her Brush-On Tail Paint


Apply a uniform strip the width of the applicator brush, about six to eight inches on the top of the spine.

It’s very important to keep the mark as narrow as the brush cap and on the top of the hard part of the spine only. This will allow for a much higher percentage of removal when the cow stands making interpretation much easier.

Once a buildup is obtained after several coats of the product, the product works better and makes detecting heats easy.

Correct Application

Correct Application of Detect-Her

The concept behind this is what makes Detect-Her different from other tail paints. The buildup will allow for more substance to be crushed and crumbled and pulled off by the brisket of the mounting cow. Mounted cattle will have all the brush marks crushed and most all of the paint removed with only several mounts. Also, by being able to touch up as often as you need to maintain visible marks, buildup is not a problem.This makes Detect-Her work much better with dusty bedding products that tend to cover up marks after a day or so and need touched up for visibility.

If headlocks are available they are an obvious choice for applying daily marks.

If headlocks are not available some producers will choose to start herds started on Detect-Her by running the cattle through the management rail, parlor exit alley, or at the feed bunk. Paint three days or three milkings in a row to get a good start up base application.

Heifers marked with Detect-Her

Then walk through cattle at a time of day when the cattle are the most bedded down and easy to walk and touch up in the free stall barn. In most herds the majority of cattle will start to calm down and become workable in the free stalls in a month or so of patient efforts.

For the first few months you may want to run the cattle through the palpation rail or exit alley to maintain marks that get behind on your daily walk-through. In some free stall barns without headlocks you may want to hang a gate at on end of each pen to keep cattle from circling. This will allow you to touch up the runners and the cows that stay ahead of you. This will also help you with making sure every cow has a uniform mark every day.

Touch up, as needed being sure to maintain good uniforms marks. You can not make good decisions without making sure your marks are perfect and uniform every day when you leave the pen. Your efforts today to keep good marks will help make your decisions much easier and accurate tomorrow. If you miss a day, you miss two.


Well marked pen. Blue Detect-Her used on open cows. Green Mark-Her on pregnant cows.


Walk herd once a day touching up marks and reading paint. Making correct decisions is the most important part of a tail marking system.

Obvious heat cows. All Paint missing.

Obvious heat cows. All paint missing.



Detect-Her LogoObvious heat cow

Obvious heat cow

Why Use Detect-Her Brush-On?

Detect-Her tailpaint is by far the easiest tail-marking product to interpret.

Detect-Her Bottles in a variety of colors

Adding the Detect-Her whole herd program can:

  • Raise Heat Detection Rates
  • Lower Drug Costs
  • Save in Labor Costs

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Why Detect-Her Brush-On Was Developed

Detect-Her is a new tail paint especially designed for use in estrous detection.

Heifers marked with Detect-Her

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Heifer Breeding
with Detect-Her

Are your heifers getting pregnant when you want with minimal cost and effort?

If not, then you need to try the Detect-Her system.

If you have a pen of heifers and headlocks, then Detect-Her is for you. By locking up once a day and painting with Detect-Her, you can obtain excellent breeding with only minutes a day.

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It’s very important for beginners to be conservative when making breeding decisions. Especially when dealing with previously inseminated cattle. When in doubt do not breed and let her go?

When cattle are truly in standing heat the Detect-Her tailpaint should be almost completely removed. It’s important when you are first learning to tail mark that you are very sure of your decision to breed the cow. We have a rule called the $100 rule. If you wouldn’t bet $100 that she stood to be mounted then let her go. After a period of time you will find it much easier to make your decisions.