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Why Detect-Her Brush-On Was Developed
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Why Detect-Her Brush-On
was developed

Detect-Her is a new tail paint especially designed for use in estrous detection.

Detect-Her was developed out of dissatisfaction with other products on the market. Together, we at H&W Products have a combined 39 years experience in the AI Industry.

Several years ago, in our positions with a major AI organization, we saw the concept of tail marking catching on as the primary heat detection system in the U.S. In our area of the Northeast/Midwest we saw a real challenge with using the current products available to herd owners, fellow technicians and ourselves. The other tail paints on the market are made overseas where the majority of cattle are on dirt and exhibit about seven times more mounting activity than on concrete. We tried the popular livestock markers and found them messy and very difficult to interpret due to licking, smearing and not rubbing off after several mounts. Research at Virginia Tech. shows that mounting activity by cattle in confined housing is very low due to several factors such as concrete, BST, and high genetics for milk production.

We tried every product out there and were very frustrated with the difficulty to interpret standing heat in those hard to catch cows. We felt that if a product was made that was thick, dried crusty and would crumble and rub off after only a few mounts, even if it needed to be applied more often, it could be of great value to our technician force and customers.

We worked with three major paint manufacturers’ labs and tested over 30 different samples. We also had some great cooperation and help from several dairymen and other technicians. Detect- Her is water based so it is non-hazardous. The product is waterproof once dry but must be given sufficient time to dry before getting wet. Drying time will vary depending on temperature and humidity.

Detect-Her’s most popular use has been exactly what it was developed for, the whole herd system (Click here for more information).

Heifers marked with Detect-Her



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Heifer Breeding
with Detect-Her

Are your heifers getting pregnant when you want with minimal cost and effort?

If not, then you need to try the Detect-Her system.

If you have a pen of heifers and headlocks, then Detect-Her is for you. By locking up once a day and painting with Detect-Her, you can obtain excellent breeding with only minutes a day.

Click here for more information
on Heifer Breeding

How to use
Detect-Her Tail Paint

Apply a uniform strip the width of the applicator brush, about six to eight inches on the top of the spine.

It’s very important to keep the mark as narrow as the brush cap and on the top of the hard part of the spine only. This will allow for a much higher percentage of removal when the cow stands making interpretation much easier.

The product works better and is more interpretable once several coats and a buildup is obtained.

Click here to read full instructions
on using Detect-Her Tail Paint